Our specialty camps provide unique experiences to staff and students with specific needs and interests, including Primary school camps, Wellbeing camps, Crossroads camps, Aboriginal cultural experiences, Australian geography and history camps and other KLA escapes.



Crossroads is a mandatory program for students in Years 11 and/or 12 in NSW government schools. It is designed to help senior students address issues of health, safety and wellbeing at a time when they face significant changes and challenges in their lives, building students’ sense of empowerment and respect for themselves and others. Crossroads aims to prepare and support these students as they encounter situations related to identity, independence and their changing responsibilities.

Our crossroads camps are a meaningful and powerful way to present the mandatory curriculum. It is important that we work closely with the school when designing these camps so emphasis can be placed on topics that are most relevant to your cohort.




Boys Wellbeing

The Wild Dog Wellbeing camp is aimed specifically at reconnecting boys with their education and school. A physically challenging few days that provides the opportunity for young males to demonstrate leadership, responsibility, teamwork and perseverance. Each day of the camp participants are required to self reflect, and reflect as a part of the larger group.


We provide a range of opportunities to address the outdoor education modules/options that exist within PASS, SLR and senior PDHPE. Black Diamond Adventures can tailor a camp that best suits your group ranging from surf trips and farm stays to a more traditional format of school camp.

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