What your students will gain

By implementing the values and framework of positive psychology, ‘The Expedition’ has been specifically designed to foster student well-being and provide an opportunity for wholistic growth to occur.

This program will:

·       Positively influence the student’s life

·       Challenge student comfort zones

·       Build resilience

·       Foster year group cohesion and encourage positive relationships

·       Develop strong, positive mindsets

·       Grow authentic connection and engagement with teaching staff and school life

·       Improve goal setting and goal striving abilities

·       Enable students to work as a team and as an individual to achieve and succeed

What’s included?

What is included?

 ·       Pre-camp briefing and pack allocation

·       A group leader (1-2 leader - 12/15 students)

·       Camp coordinator –to tailor and implement specific activities to achieve school objectives

·       Food and cook sets

·       Tents

·       Hike pack

·       Canoe + paddle + PFD (if you choose to canoe)

·       Safety and communication equipment

·       Comprehensive Risk Assessment



Example program structure

Day 1

Students will complete a hike or a paddle journey from point A to point B with an overnight camp in between (accompanied by a leader). They will work in smaller groups throughout the day to make their way to the chosen destination. Students will be issued a pack, food and equipment which they must split amongst themselves and carry to the camp. They will be responsible for rationing out their food packs, cooking and cleaning on camp cook sets, setting up tents and working collectively to achieve the goal of completing the journey.

Once at camp there will be an opportunity for a camp fire and evening activities. However, the focus here will be on self-reflection and discussion. This will be guided by the group leader, but generated by the students.

Day 2

Students will be required to wake up, make their own breakfast, pack their equipment up and be ready to complete the journey. Day 2 is similar to Day 1 in terms of difficulty and length of travel. By this point though, student’s attitudes, team cohesion, resilience and goal setting abilities will have changed significantly, setting up for a journey that will be a completely different experience to the previous day.