Respect & Responsibility

An outdoor ed experience designed specifically for stage 3 students


Program Philosophy – Coping with change & Improving well-being

Respect and Responsibility’ has been designed to:

·       Positively influence the student’s life

·       Develop mindfulness

·       Instil respect for others

·       Foster year group cohesion and encourage positive relationships

·       Enable students to recognise change and effectively cope with it

·       Grow authentic connection and engagement with teaching staff and school life

·       Challenge physical and emotional comfort zones

·       Enable students to work as a team and as an individual to achieve and succeed


What is included?

·       Pre-camp briefing

·       A group leader (1-2 leader - 12/15 students)

·       Camp coordinator –to tailor and implement specific activities to achieve school objectives

·       Food & catering

·       Tents & accommodation

·       5 activities + evening activities

·       Safety and communication equipment

·       Comprehensive Risk Assessment

·       Debrief and post camp evaluation


Example Program and Camp Structure

Day 1

Students will complete 5 activities (e.g. Kayak/canoe, flying fox, high ropes, commando course, laser tag, abseil etc.) on rotation before coming together in the evening in smaller groups to chat with their group leaders about the topics listed above under ‘Program Philosophy’.

After the small group talks there will be an opportunity for the entire cohort to come together for a camp fire and evening activities. The focus here will be on mindfulness and an opportunity for the students to implement some of the points raised from the earlier discussion.

Day 2

Day 2 is similar to Day 1 as students will be continuing the rotation of activities. However, the day will begin with a reflection/discussion guided by their group leader. By this point though, student’s attitudes, team cohesion, resilience and respect for others will have changed significantly, setting up for a positive day that will be a completely different experience to the previous.