Black Diamond Adventures provides a complete and comprehensive outdoor education and travel adventure service that focuses on building confidence, having fun, and reconnecting people with life outdoors.


Black Diamond Adventures aims to reconnect people with the outdoors and help them realise the simple pleasures in life through camping experiences. We serve all clients by providing safe, thoroughly organised and high quality expeditions that allow for personal growth to occur. Each and every person that attends a Black Diamond Adventure is important to us and will be given personal attention by our staff.


We strive to reduce the vastly increasing rate of young people suffering from anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses by building confidence, resilience, compassion, and a positive sense of self in all of our participating students. Being outdoors and away from the many distractions of the modern world brings an opportunity for deep self reflection to take place. We have witnessed time and again the powerful and positive influence this can have on a young person’s development.

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