The Duke of Edinburgh Award encompasses a structured youth development program for 14 to 25 years, empowering all young Australians to partake in volunteering, recreational activities, skill learning and Adventure.


Pre-Expedition, Planning and Training Sessions

All booked Duke of Edinburgh expeditions come with a 2-hour training session. This is an essential part of the trip that all students are required to attend. The training includes, route planning, food choices, clothing options, suggested equipment, safety procedures, basic first aid, strategic packing and bag organisation. There will be an opportunity to hire or purchase equipment.

Guides & Activities

All guides have extensive experience both as participants and assessors of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. We have witnessed the powerful positive impact that the scheme has had on the lives of hundreds of students on trips that we have been involved in. As a result, our guides are committed to providing the same high quality trips and care for each and every participant enrolled in our programs.

Although walking/hiking is the traditional and often preferred type of expedition, we are able and willing to tailor activities suitable to your cohort. Some alternatives to hiking include. Kayaking, base camp exploration (caves and surrounds), surfing, stand up paddle board expeditions, mountain biking, sailing, ski/snowboard adventures

Risk Assessment and Management Strategies

 A comprehensive and tailored risk assessment/management plan will be supplied to each school who is planning to participate on one of our expeditions. See risk management and assessment under the safety tab

Hire Equipment

Contact us for information about hire gear terms & conditions and prices. We have the following equipment available.

2 person tent, Rucksack, Sleeping mat, Rain jacket, Head torch, Gas top cook set (includes gas canister). Special rates for those who hire 3 or more pieces of equipment.

Permission Notes and Expedition Organisation

We are aware of the necessary, yet time consuming tasks that are required to complete extra-curricular activities in the modern school environment. It is with absolute pleasure that we can provide you with a range of permission notes and all expedition details (including equipment packing checklist). We can also arrange private or public travel arrangements. All you will need to do is pop it onto a school letterhead and get your principals signature.

Program Support

Taking on the Duke of Edinburgh program can seem like an overwhelming task. Over the years the Duke of Edinburgh office has introduced procedures, in hand with the latest technology, to keep things simple for the staff and participants involved. We are willing to spend some time with you training you up on how the program works and how recording of activities takes place. We also have the contact details of Duke of Edinburgh head office in Sydney who are more than generous in supporting assessors and participants. Rest assured that all your concerns are very easily addressed and managed. The effort in providing a successful Duke of Edinburgh program to your students is far out weighed by the reward of what the staff and students will take away.

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For further information or to book in your adventure contact us now, limited spots avaliable.