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Black Diamond Adventures aims to reconnect people with the outdoors and help them realise the simple pleasures in life through outdoor camping experiences.



Every Adventure has a thoroughly developed and specifically designed risk management plan that meets the specific needs of the school and students who will be participating on the trip.


Purchase or hire reliable equipment before you begin your Black Diamond Adventure. We have a range of essential products available that will help make your trip comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

Our Team

All Adventures are led by a team who have extensive experience and expertise with outstanding ability to manage an environment that promotes student responsibility.


Duke Of Edinburgh

We provide a range of high quality expeditions that fulfil the ‘Adventurous Journey’ component of the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Location, activities and mode of travel (e.g. hike/kayak) are entirely up to you and your participants. All booked trips come with a pre-trip training session and experienced and enthusiastic guides.

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Outdoor Education

There is nothing quiet like a well-delivered school camp that brings students together, provides character building experiences and memories that last a life time. Our school camps are specifically designed to meet the needs of your school and students. We operate from a number of convenient locations and can arrange everything from food and travel to multiple accommodation styles and challenging activities. Our calendar gets booked up quickly, so contact us today to ensure you lock in your outdoor ed program.


Specialty Camps

We have developed many camps to provide unique experiences to staff and students with specific needs and interests. Some of these include: Primary school camps, Wellbeing camps, Crossroads camps, Aboriginal cultural experiences, Australian geography and history camps and other KLA escapes.


Surf Camps

Our learn to surf camp operates from a number of locations on both the North and South Coast regions of NSW. These camps cater for students who have never surfed before, right through to the competent surfer. Although the primary focus is surfing, we also include other activities to challenge the students over the period of the camp. This is a popular option for many schools as a year group camp and as a supplement to the PASS and SLR syllabus. We have developed a surf skills unit of work that we can also provide your school with if you choose.


Create Your Adventure

Black Diamond Adventures will provide a complete outdoor education and travel adventure service that focuses on building confidence, having fun, and reconnecting people with the simple life outdoors via overnight camping expeditions.

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